Solitude Studios is Alex’s private recording and video studio that utilizes the finest gear on the market to produce extremely high-quality sounds.  Primarily used for drums, the studio can also accommodate strings, vocals, keyboards, and full video shoots.  Developed in conjunction with world-renowned sound-man Evan Crown and Jonathan Mover, Solitude delivers the most detailed and pristine drum sounds possible.


Business is by Invitation Only


Solitude Studios Gear List:

2xPrism ADA 8 Channel Converters

1xApogee Big Ben

1xApogee ADX-16

2xAphex 1078 8-Channel Preamps

8xNeves (including 2 Shelfords and 6 modded preamps)

4xMillennia Preamps

1xManley VoxBox

1xAmpex 1962 Preamp

ProTools 9 Interface with 192



10x Granelli SM57 Mods

1xHeidl Dynamic

2xVintage AKG 451s

1xSennheiser Vintage 421 (used on Kick)

1xVintage AKG 415

1xVIntage Telefunken U47

1×1972 U87

1xSoundelux 49

1xSennheiser Prototype Stereo Microphone

-Various other auxiliary mics

-Over two dozen Atlas microphone stands



-Over 75 cymbals from Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, and Bosphorus

-Full sets of Paiste pitched cup chimes

-Sakae Celestial Series 8 Piece drumset (8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 20, 22”) with over 8 snares from Pearl, Sakae, DW, and RMV Drums.

-Auxiliary Percussion including Meinl cowbells, jam blocks, LP shakers and rattles

-Pearl Demon Drive Pedals, and Over 24 cymbal stands including auxiliary cable-hi hat pedals and percussion mounts



1xPanasonic 770


1xNikon Digital